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“Outstanding” means superior, striking, clearly noticeable—to stand out. Everyone wants to buy from, sell to, invest in, volunteer at and work for outstanding organizations and to become outstanding individuals themselves. Filled with practical ideas that can be applied at work and at home, this fast, frank and fun show provides a roadmap for people and organizations to become exceptional. Be challenged. Be OUTSTANDING! Start listening now!

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John G. Miller, author of Parenting the QBQ Way, talks about new book!



Enjoy two fast and fun interviews below, each under five minutes. Author and speaker John G. Miller—The QBQ! Guy—talks with “JJ and Ron in the Morning” of American Family Radio. In the first interview, they explore the new version of the best-selling QBQ! book. In the second, the topic is Parenting the QBQ Way, the new e-book by John and his wife, Karen. Learn more about the “new and improved” QBQ! book here and the new parenting book here. Feel free to pass these interviews on to all you know!


Brand new podcast! – Dave Ramsey and John G. Miller discuss the new QBQ! book!

There are over one million copies of the QBQ! book now in print—and we’ve made it better! Yes, the book that started it all has been “gently revised.” In this podcast, hear radio host and best-selling personal finance author, Dave Ramsey, interview the author of QBQ!—John G. Miller. As usual, when Dave and John get together, it’s fast, frank, and fun! Pass this 12 minute podcast on to all you know! Also, you can read here what’s new in the new QBQ! book!

Be Outstanding! – Clients of QBQ, Inc. discuss the power of QBQ! training.

TRAIN TO BE OUTSTANDING! Does your organization espouse the value, “People are our greatest asset!” but then training is the last item budgeted for and the first one cut when times are tough? If so, you’re not alone. And the truth is, most training fails. But when it’s constructed and implemented right, training is a powerful tool that enables people and organizations to prosper, to Be Outstanding! Join author John G. Miller and his guests, Steve Chamberlin and Debbie Slocum of Husqvarna Construction Products, as they explore how training can work and why it’s critical to develop people and transform our cultures. Discover the seven criteria for an effective training PROCESS! Learn more about the “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” training system here!

Be Outstanding! - Guest: Renee Waller, speaker

COLABORATING: WORKING TOGETHER! Do you have someone at home or at work you need to work together better? Do you ever feel frustrated with others? Wonder why some people do things the way they do? If so, enjoy an amazing session with Renee Waller ( and learn the Myers Briggs personality content that has changed millions of lives. Hear host John G. Miller say it’s changed his! We simply cannot Be OUTSTANDING! unless we learn material like this … so grab a pad and pen and getting ready to learn! Also enjoy another family application story by John.

Be Outstanding! - Guest: Justin Lukasavige and Derek Sisterhen, coaches

COACHING: BE A COACH, GET A COACH. “The eye cannot see itself!” It’s true, we all need input; we all need someone in our life who we allow to share honestly with us. Without this, we simply cannot Be OUTSTANDING! Guests Justin Lukasavige ( and Derek Sisterhen ( share practical ideas on why we need a coach, what a good one looks like, and even the value of becoming a coach. And, as always, host John G. Miller tells stories that can motivate us to change.

Be Outstanding! - Guest: Steve Curtin, speaker

OUTSTANDING SERVICE: THE NEED NEVER ENDS. The essence of success for any organization rests in its customer service. How we treat people and solve their problems - and how managers model the right behaviors. In the end, it all comes down to that “in the moment” front line person to customer interaction. Guest Steve Curtin - - shares practical ideas on how to serve customers better each day. You’ll want to pass this show on to all you know who serve! And host John G. Miller tells another story that helps each of us as parents and leaders in his Outstanding! Families feature.

Be Outstanding! – John G. Miller talks about Integrity

INTEGRITY: AN IDEA THAT WORKS! What do you stand for? Would you go to the mat for your beliefs? Whose opinion enslaves you? Will you pass The Integrity Test? In a content rich, humorous monologue, author John G. Miller explores the Powerful Principle of Integrity. Employing his signature story telling ability, John’s message impacts managers, employees, and families. Included is a segment from a live “QBQ!” keynote delivered to an audience of 1,000.

Be Outstanding! – Guest: Dan Miller, author and speaker

NO MORE WAITING FOR “HUMP DAY”! Do you love what you do? Or are you a clock watcher who can’t wait for the weekend to come? Why do some find their niche and passion? And how do we do that? Join John and life coach/author, Dan Miller (, to learn more about how to love what one does day in and day out. Included is a special feature by David Levin (

Be Outstanding! – Guest: Lisa Ford, speaker

This week: IT’S ALL ABOUT SERVICE! Have you wondered why it’s so hard to get great service? Pondered why some words are turn-offs for you and customers everywhere? If so, join John and Lisa Ford (, author of “Exceptional Customer Service,” and learn how to provide better service. Included is John telling the “Jacob and the Diet Coke” story, our Outstanding Families moment, and a special feature by David Levin (

Be Outstanding! – Guest: Scott McKain, author and speaker

This week: CREATIVITY: BEATING THE COMPETITION. Have you ever been told to “do more with less”!? Wonder how and why others come up with great ideas? If so, tune in and join John and Scott McKain (, author of “Collapse of Distinction” and learn how to become more creative. Also, included is our Outstanding Families feature and John telling the “Judy at Home Depot” story!

Be Outstanding! – Guest: Larry Winget, author and speaker

IT’S ALL ABOUT ACCOUNTABILITY! John G. Miller, author of the definitive book on accountability - QBQ! - and Larry Winget, the author of “Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life,” go at it discussing how personal accountability and responsibility can change lives. Stop by and Included is our Outstanding Families feature and “Q&A With the Marketplace”—and a recommendation on personal finances.

Be Outstanding! – Guest: Mark Sanborn, author of The Fred Factor

FACTOR IN FRED! If you’ve wondered what it takes to succeed, experience a critical exploration of how to achieve with Mark Sanborn, author of The Fred Factor. Included is our Outstanding Families feature and “Q&A With the Marketplace” with Kristin Lindeen—and a feature with David Levin, author of Don’t Just Talk Be Heard!

Be Outstanding! – Guest: David Levin

FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE! If you’ve wondered why communication inside organizations breaks down and why
it’s so hard to be understood, experience a critical exploration of the ins and outs of communication with David Levin,
author of Don’t Just Talk Be Heard! Included is our Outstanding Families feature and “Q&A With the Marketplace”
featuring Kristin Lindeen. Discover ideas that work!