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Is My Organization Outstanding?

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

I like to grade stuff. I grade movies, books, restaurant meals, my
presentations—everything! It’s a fairly odd habit of mine, I know, but I’d like you to
try it. But instead of using the classic A down to F scale or 1-10, this is more of a yes
or no test.

Do you work for an OOO—Obviously Outstanding Organization? Being graded
“Triple O” by the marketplace is a good thing. To help you in this test, let’s look at
two organizations and their response to the customer. Which organization below is
yours? Only you know …

Choice #1:

Telling the Customer to Solve Their Own Problem

John, I thought you’d just love to see this response from a “customer service” rep of a major
organization that makes crock pots. I had emailed them about getting a small rubber “foot” for our
crock pot, which has only been used a few times, and is only halfway through the one-year
warranty. You see, one of the rubber “feet” fell off and without that foot the pot wobbles horribly. I
told them that I would be happy to put a new one on the pot myself, rather than bringing the whole
unit in for exchange at the store where I purchased it. See the response I received below.

Dan Lezman
MC Sports

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for contacting us. I’m very sorry for what happened to your unit. Unfortunately we do
not manufacture the feet for the crock pots anymore. I would recommend you place a wooden
cutting board underneath your unit to cause the wobbling to stop.

Customer Service Rep


Choice #2:

Outstanding Organizations Go That Extra Mile

John, I’ve been a proponent of the personal accountability concepts espoused in QBQ! for a long
while. I even purchased both QBQ! The Question Behind the Question and Flipping the Switch books for all of my Finance Department team members here at Coca-Cola. I believe we’ve made substantial progress serving our clients thanks to the insight gained from the books.

So, I feel compelled to share with you and, if you desire, with your QuickNote readers, the
following story:

Last week my wife, Mary, purchased a suit for our son at the K&G Men’s store in Marietta, Georgia. Once home, she found a small hole in the trousers. Upon returning to the store to see if the pants could be repaired, she was informed by the alterations person that the repair would be noticeable and would not be a good representation of the quality of goods the store tries to maintain. Mary was disappointed to learn no other suit of this design and style—in the correct size to fit our broad shouldered son—was available at the store. At this point, a salesperson and the assistant manager began phoning other Georgia stores to find the suit in the needed size, but to no avail.

When Chuck, the store manager, heard about Mary’s plight he immediately took action and
contacted a buyer at the HQ. After he searched the national inventory, two suits in the right size
were located—one in Florida and one in New Mexico. Chuck then personally phoned each store to
inquire about availability of the suits. While the one in Florida had already been sold, the New
Mexico store still had the suit in stock! Chuck handled all of the arrangements with the New
Mexico store and Mary was assured the suit would be shipped within 3 days. And it was.

Mary was so impressed with the outstanding and cheerful customer service she received (and
never expected), that she had to tell me all about it that night! Upon hearing the story, I said, “This
is QBQ! in action—I need to share this with the author!” Needless to say, Mary will continue to
shop at K&G.

Joe Costolnick
Faithful Reader of QBQ! QuickNotes


So, does your organization pass the test? Is it obviously outstanding? If not, no
worries, there’s hope—Outstanding! will be available soon. Meanwhile, forward this
email to all you know and let them take the “Triple O” test, too!

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