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“Outstanding! hits the nail on the head in every way: Practical content, terrific stories, and an easy read. Miller has provided a road map for organizations to become exceptional—just follow the path laid out. Definitely a must read!”

Dave Ramsey, author of Total Money Makeover and host of The Dave Ramsey Show

“Finally, finally, finally! A book that has meat in it because it hits on very real issues. So many books are about managing in a minute or losing our cheese. Outstanding! is a book about my company, as well as every other company. I have long believed that most business “books of the month” have 10% to 20% content which can be used in the real world. But this book is 100% on track and can be used every day in all organizations. I started with the management group and asked them to each pick out the chapters they consider to be most relevant for our firm and we are discussing them as a team. It is definitely a book that needs to be kept handy and referred to regularly. My copy has notes written all over it!”

J. LaFontsee, CEO, Determan Brownie, Inc.